Simulation of the Swiss Railroad System


Real time simulation of the Swiss Railroad System spanning the whole country. Choose either „map“ (Karte) or „satellite“ view and start to zoom „+“/“-“ until you see trains rolling or waiting! Watch them emerge from tunnels etc. I noticed on some days it works perfectly, on others somewhat degraded, showing numbered train symbol only. May happen if you are moving around on the map too rapidly in high zoom mode, probably due to bandwith overload. Good for demos: it always starts correctly – no stack limits yet…?

Tipp: Auf der ersten Karte bei Pfannenstiel/Forch auf das Symbol S18 drücken. Dann kommt (bei mir) noch alles, der Zug rollt aus der Vogelschau! Genau nach Fahrplan.

Vasile is the name of the skilled, but somehow „crazy“ programmer, who had started (alone?) to work on the project years ago. I am not sure if he is still at it, because I did not notice much progress recently. His data base is the official railroad schedule. Have fun!

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