Zu Gast in der Internet Radio Sendung “The Space Show” aus San Francisco

Die ganze 90minütige Internet-Radiointerview-Sendung “The Space Show” vom 1. Juni 2007 mit Dr. David Livingston in San Francisco. In englischer Sprache.

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Broadcast 722 (Special Edition)

Aired on June 1st, 2007

Guest: Dr. Bruno Stanek

Dr. Bruno Stanek in Switzerland was the guest for this Space Show program. During this interview, we covered many important subjects including the way it was during the Apollo period of our space program to what is happening now with our space program. Dr. Stanek talked about media and press, a hate America point of view and why he thinks it exists, and why there is the spread of bogus science beliefs including how we never went to the Moon and later in the show, even some of the global warming arguments. Dr. Stanek was asked why he studied mathematics as a path to being involved in space and we learned that when he was in school in Switzerland, that was the only option he had. Dr. Stanek explained why space is so important to us all and why returning to the Moon is important. Too bad he is not here in the States talking to Congress and carrying the torch for NASA! Dr. Stanek has also published both the Space Encyclopedia and Planet Encyclopedia, plus various space DVDs. These are in German but you can find out more about that at his website, also, in German, at www.stanek.ch. In our discussion with Dr. Stanek, we learned that the developing suborbital space tourism market is followed in Switzerland, and that space development is seen as important but like everywhere, due to educational problems and other aspects of the modern society, more of the “show me” or “prove it to me” actions are required. Our discussion with Bruno as he answers questions and shares with us his background, experiences, knowledge and perspectives, was far reaching and important. We see our space program and plans through different perspectives. We see our entrepreneurial efforts differently. I urge all of you to listen to this show, its mind expanding, its important, and it drives home again and again the importance and value of space for everyone, not just those of us here in the United States that follow it and consider ourselves to be space advocates. You can send additional questions or comments to Dr. Stanek at bruno@stanek.ch. In addition, he has a video, again in German, flying over the San Francisco Bay Area in a Cessna with his son and also some shots taken at NASA Ames and with the VSE hardware designs. You can view this view at www.stanek.ch/Pictures/Sternsekunde%2021.5.2007%20384×288.wmv.

About our guest…

Dr. Bruno Stanek

Dr. Bruno Stanek studied Mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Ph.D. 1971. Instructor at ETH (Institute for Applied Mathematics, Celestial Mechanics). Between 1966 and 1972, with interruptions, scientific programmer for the Chemical Industry at Basel and for Swissair. Ever since Bruno Stanek mostly was a freelance mathematician, software and book author and later his own publisher, only interrupted between 1976 and 1979 while teaching mathematics, physics and informatics at the engineering college Brugg (Switzerland). Between 1980 and about 1996 he invested a great effort to create his „Medical Software Dr. Stanek“. Hundreds of Thousands of lines of program code built a comprehensive medical administration program for small and medium practices and the emergency planning in several Swiss regions. After 1995 he found back to his main occupation and programmed his space encyclopedias interactively from scratch. This brought the vast content of his former book encyclopedias into a form never dreamed before, volume „Space Encyclopedia“ and volume „Planet encyclopedia“. A vastly expanded text, an enormous video archive as well as more than 200 astrodynamical animations and simulations, all designed and programmed by himself, appeared in four completely sold CD editions and two DVD editions each between 1995 and 2006 under the Label „Astrosoftware Dr. B.L. Stanek“. The Swiss and neighboring German and Austrian public, however, got to know Bruno Stanek by his commentaries for Swiss National TV for all live broadcasts about space from Apollo 7 in 1968 up to the Shuttle missions. In 1975/76 he had his own 16-part TV series „News from Space“ – at prime time 7-7:30 p.m. – an oddity all over Europe! There was no year until 2006 without minor or major TV programs on some channel. For nostalgic reasons he occasionally shows a 20 minute video containing highlights from 38 TV years. This only documents about 1/1000 of his TV contributions! He visited the USA almost 50 times since 1965 and met close to 90 astronauts and cosmonauts, many as guests on TV or conferences. He witnessed moon mission Apollo 16 and 17 from the Kennedy Space Center as live moderator for Swiss National TV. On private trips he seldom missed a rocket launch at the Cape and none of Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier’s flights from launch to landing – a lucky instance that maybe no Swiss citizen short of the astronaut himself shares with him. Stanek visited most NASA field centers, privately or as a reporter and published more than a dozen books and countless newspaper articles about spaceflight, astronomy, Space Art and the personal use of computers – the latter mainly during the pioneering days. His latest „humorous non fiction book“ became another bestseller. Bruno Stanek’s lecturing trail in Switzerland and neighboring countries is legendary. With his German language homepage www.Stanek.ch he keeps many friends informed about his activities. There one also can find short videos about current events – and his personal opinions.

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